Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial Fridges in Perth and their Evaporators

Cool rooms or freezer rooms are the standard solution whenever your business needs a temperature controlled refrigerator is needed. Cool rooms are commercially used to store food products and sometimes medicinal supplies that is why they are staple storage solutions by restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, hotels and other commercial businesses.

Commercial Fridges PerthCool rooms are very important tools for these types of business. So if you are running such business and your commercial appliance breaks, then you should quickly look for Perth fridge repair services. You can also find some refrigeration companies that repair coolrooms.

The damage to the refrigerator’s evaporator is one of the most common problems experienced. The evaporator is the part where the ice forms on. After the ice is formed, the evaporator warms and the ice falls off. If no ice is released, it means that the evaporator is damaged. Then the machine is either shut off by a safety or it tries to make another batch of ice on top of that one. In either case the machine stops working.

The ice machine evaporators of your commercial fridge in Perth or cool room can last for a very long time, if you just know how to take care of it. Moreover it normally has the longest warranty of any part of the appliance. By using the correct cleaner and not forcing ice off it you can avoid that and enjoy the long life of your ice machine. For more about refrigeration care, read this article.